The Jungle

It’s my back yard. Left unattended since early last fall, the jasmine has taken over half the yard. She Who Must Be Medicated has decreed that the yard must be cleared and prepared for human (and in-laws) habitation.

I investigated yesterday, and discovered the stuff is too high and thick to spray, and too tough for any weed-whacker to cut. Grass whip? — fuggetaboudit.

So off to Lowes to buy a Troybilt powerhead and a brush cutter attachment. I put the combination to work this afternoon and was happy to see that, yes, it cuts through the jasmine. Slowly. In half an hour I cleared a space about 5′ by 7′, which is where I stopped for the day because my arms were shaking. I estimate what I cleared was about 3% of what needs to be done. It looks like I can schedule every non-rainy morning for the next few weeks to complete this job.

Now that I’ve verified that the powerhead is good, I’ll go back to Lowes for the hedge trimmer attachment. I’ve seen how the pro gardeners use it for shaping shrubs and small trees, and based on what I’ve paid for that kind of work I’ll get back my investment in less than a year.


About thornharp

I wrote a commercial software fulfillment website as Perl CGI just because I was too much of a noob to know better.
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