A Pretty Box, … But It’s Empty

Avatar: I watched it in the theater. Technically, it is a breakthrough in storytelling. 3-D done right (circular polarization instead of linear so the effect works no matter how you tilt your head) combined with the most meticulously executed CGI and mo-cap almost eliminated the need to suspend disbelief. The screen seemed to disappear and became a window into another world. The suspension of disbelief, or of any sort of critical thinking, really came back into play as soon as the dialog started. The story was pretty much a rehash of Alan Dean Foster’s Midworld, but dumbed down.

The only thing I’ve seen lately that was more pretentious and nonsensical was Gundam Wing.


About thornharp

I wrote a commercial software fulfillment website as Perl CGI just because I was too much of a noob to know better.
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