That Sticking Accelerator

Here’s how to have your foot all the way into the brake pedal and have the engine run away at the same time: Instead of putting your foot fully centered on the brake pedal, just rest the ball of your foot over the right-hand edge of the pedal. Press down. If you keep your foot level, there may not be a problem, but if you let your foot rotate off to the right, the right-hand edge of your shoe will press down on the accelerator. If your driving position lets your legs spread, this naturally rotates your right foot to the right. The wider your shoe, the easier it is for the problem to appear. Athletic shoes where the soles flare out from the upper are the worst offenders.

Some drivers don’t pay attention to details. Foot position and ankle rotation are two of those details. The pedals don’t discriminate. This can happen in a Toyota, a Taurus, a Volvo, a Chevy … just about any car.


About thornharp

I wrote a commercial software fulfillment website as Perl CGI just because I was too much of a noob to know better.
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