Adventures in Plumbing

It’s no fun trying to cook in a kitchen where the sink won’t drain. How can the dishes get clean? The dishwasher discharges into the pipe that’s supposed to drain the sink, which results in the spent dishwater from the dishwasher filling up the sink, and the smell of the clogged drain rising up along with the water level.

So … scrape the dishes thoroughly into the trash can, then lay the dishes out in the shower stall? Not an optimum solution, especially if one has back problems. What to do?

Call <somethingorother>Rooter? I would rather find a way to fix it myself, especially if it turns into a recurring problem. $$$

The mad scientist approach shall be to cap off the traps of the two bathroom sinks downstream from the kitchen sink, then use hydraulic pressure applied at the trap of the kitchen sink to force out the clog. (I’m not concerned about the toilets or the bathtub and shower — they seem to be on a separate branch that converges with the sink drain line just before the sewer leaves the house.) If during this exercise I see water erupting from the roof vents, I’ll know the clog needs to be augered out.

I could do worse with my spare time. Somehow…

About thornharp

I wrote a commercial software fulfillment website as Perl CGI just because I was too much of a noob to know better.
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